10 Easiest College Degrees In The World

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It’s an economic fact that people with a degree from higher education are paid almost twice as much as those that have only a high school diploma. However, you might want to take some time to consider your career opportunities, as graduating is not as easy as it sounds. The fact that the average graduation time of students exceeds the 4 year limit is a clear indicator that getting a degree involves a lot more hard work and very little partying. Below is a list of the easiest higher education degree programs that are guaranteed to make a career change worthwhile.

10 easiest college degrees in the world


The prospects for those who specialize in sciences such as math or physics and special education are simply incredible. Getting a job after a major in Education is a closed deal. At most, you’ll have to relocate, but you’ll never run out of career opportunities.

Women’s Studies

Studying history and culture from a woman’s perspective does not involve a lot of effort.With career opportunities in fields such as social studies, teaching, counselling or HR and very low major requirements, this specialization stands on an equal foot with Education.

(English) Literature

Decent entry requirements and an academic track of studying, interpreting and analysing literature can turn your higher degree experience in a cruise, rather than a struggle. If you love to read and cultivate yourself, Literature is the best major for you. Specialists say that English Literature is one of the most accessible choices, in terms of both prospects and difficulty.

Sports Management

If you enjoy sports and socializing, then a degree in Sports Management can land you for a job with a team or a PR position. Still, you need to have a firm grasp of sports knowledge and be confident in the decisions you make. This is a popular choice among players because it has very low, if any, science requirements.

Liberal Studies/Cultural Studies

Through Liberal Studies, a more holistic approach at culture is intended, but a very understandable one at that. Social science, nature, art and philosophy are the directions in which you’ll be required to gain knowledge. Once you’re done, PR, lobbying or grant writing should be your first job choices.

Communications Studies

The art of speaking is gaining importance in the private sector, as companies are seeking individuals who can address small or large audiences in a professional manner. If you can present an idea or a strategy to people, there’s no telling how high you can aim in marketing or business management.

Creative Writing

This choice is more appropriate for those who are writing enthusiasts.You’ll spend most of your time in college or University writing or learning about famous writers. With this degree you can pursue a career in scriptwriting, media, marketing and, who knows, maybe even become the next bestselling name.


Studying and practicing art requires very little scientific reasoning. If expressing your emotions comes easy to you, then you’ll be a book illustrator or art dealer in no time.

Drama/Acting/Theatre Arts

Spending four years learning about acting, plays and dancing can be an incredible opportunity for those who have such passions. Some institutions don’t even require you to have previous experience. With your degree you’ll easily make your way behind the scenes or even on the stage.

AS (Associate’s Degree)/Online degree programs

Online degrees or an Associate’s Degree are programs that are not as demanding, being especially designed so as to fit the needs of busy individuals, in the case of the former and respectively, to prepare oneself for a full-time academic environment in the case of the latter.


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