10 Most Popular Online University Degrees In Saudi Arabia

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10 most popular online University degrees in Saudi Arabia

Officially known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab state in Western Asia sits in the number one spot in terms of oil production and exportation. Controlling the world’s largest hydrocarbon reserves, Saudi Arabia is characterized as a very high income country and it ranks 34th on the Human Development Index. Needless to say that the business opportunities in such a region comprise a potential that still awaits discovering. Below is a list of the most popular online University degrees students acquire from Saudi Arabia.

10 most popular online University degrees in Saudi Arabia

Computer Science

Computers, programming and any sort of engineering that has to deal with the IT department are highly demanded jobs in the Middle-Eastern region.


Being ranked as one of the 20 most influential economies in the world, Saudi Arabia has one of the highest demands in terms of financial management. The diverse cultural climate has kept the workforce at bay for years, giving you more employment opportunities than you can possibly handle.

Human Resources Management

Strongly related to finance and entrepreneurship, a degree in Human Resource Management is just as likely to get you employed as the previous fields of study. Due to the fact that all of the international workforce migrating to Saudi Arabia will have to be managed, trained and coordinated, your HR online degree is guaranteed to land you a good position.

Mechanical Engineering

Especially in terms of petroleum industry, an online degree in mechanical engineering and the operation of heavy machinery can help you strike gold in the Arab country. Keep your distance from prejudice and you’ll be able to enjoy good earnings, as well as a comfortable and stable contract.

Civil Engineering

Close to 90% of the surface of Saudi Arabia is desert, making civil engineering and the innovative solutions of 21st century building essential for the development of the infrastructure in this region. With your online civil engineering degree, you are certain to land a job that will propel your career years ahead of what Western countries can offer you.

Architectural Engineering

Majoring in Architectural Engineering is profitable regardless of your location. However, if you combine your online degree with the possibility of working in Saudi Arabia, or actually studying here, the options are endless, seeing that building contractors are orienting more and more towards these developing economies just because of the immense financial potential.

Management and Accountancy

A pivotal point in the enterprise of any Saudi Arabian organization is a manager who has keen knowledge of financial principles. This is why you will never regret majoring in Management and Accountancy.

Chemical Engineering

If dealing with substances, composites or creating derivate materials is what gets you motivated, then the Saudi Arabian petroleum industry awaits your expertise. Chemical Engineering degrees give you access to a multitude of employment opportunities as plastics, creams, gas and many other highly demanded elements are by-products of petroleum.


Renewable Energy has been a top priority for Saudi Arabia, as there are tens of on-going projects and research communities striving to bring water and electricity to the inhabitants of this region.

Petroleum Engineering

We’ve saved the best for last. If you major in Petroleum Engineering, you have a chance to be a part of the most profitable industry this world has ever known. 90% of the export earnings of Saudi Arabia are petrol based, whereas the King of Arabia forecasted that the per capita income will rise over the staggering limit of $33,000 USD.

The majority of the workers in this industry are foreign, making it an easy transition for any international student.


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