12 easiest online degrees in the Middle East



We offer degrees in Eastern Europe countries. Below you will find a list of some of countries from which you can get your online degree. Choose your major and the country you are interested in and place an order.

  • Russia
  • Czech Republic
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Romania
  • Croatia
  • Moldova
  • Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia
  • Slovenia
  • Slovakia
  • Bulgaria
  • Ukraine and Belarus
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

12 easiest online degrees in the Middle East

 Countries in the near Orient are world renowned for their constant supply of petroleum based products, especially gas and oil. In the recent future, the impact of these several nations upon global economy has been ascertainedto be more important than ever, as the price of oil has skyrocketed in tandem with the demand of the developing world. Most importantly, as of 2007, all of the countries in the Middle East region have been evaluated as experiencing positive economic growth. Countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Israel have a highly diverse economic base, whereas Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE rely heavily on exporting goods for their gross domestic income. To top it all, Qatar is considered to be the richest country per capita, boasting the highest rate of human development in the Arab World.

12 easiest online degrees in the Middle East

Job offers are flowing

 The rate at which this region is developing far exceeds the number of workers that are available. Even if one is to account for the migration of workforce that has been going on in recent years, there is a constant demand of educated professionals in all of these countries. Here is a list of the easiest majors you can sign up for that will guarantee you a job after graduating.


Regardless of your destination, there is an incredible demand of touristic guides and individuals that are familiar with the local culture.

Construction, Civil Engineering

An online degree in engineering qualifies you to be the leader of a construction site project. Whether you’re an architect or a site manager, there is no better place for you to find a job than the fastest developing economies in the world.

 Business and Management

The fact that all of the Middle Eastern countries have been experiencing growth since before the economic crisis hit is an invaluable information in itself. You’ll never be left without a job if you’re a Business BA.

Marketing and Advertising

The Arab world is barely opening itself to the global economy in terms of import. There are plentiful opportunities for you to establish yourself as a successful marketing leader if you are acquainted with the culture.

 Cultural Studies

High economic growth in this region is constantly maintained by investors that come from all over the world. Cultural Studies BA makes you an invaluable part of any business/investor that wants to enter this market.

 Communication Studies

Any new enterprise needs a PR or a knowledgeable HR manager. You’ll seal the deal in no time, provided that you are highly knowledgeable in terms of local culture.

 Turkish as a modern language

Over 75 million people speak Turkish, out of which less than 60% are citizens of Turkey. Translation jobs are constantly demanded, especially if you’re an English speaker as well.

 Arabic as a modern language

The richest of the Middle Eastern economies speak Arabic, but natives are very conservative about their culture. The effort of learning Arabic can pay off a hundredfold if you act as a translator or a cultural advisor.

 Persian language

Although Persian language is not as high as Arabic in terms of translations, there are still tens of jobs that are created daily for translators. In addition, you can opt to work within ambassadorial institutions that manage international affairs.

Trading, along with Finance and Accounting, are an easy recipe to getting hired in any country from Turkey to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE or the prestigious Qatar, whereas an online degree in Historycan ensure a job for you either in tourism or in virtually any business organization looking for a cultural advisor.


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