5 best countries for teaching languages with your online degree

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5 best countries for teaching languages with your online degree

Even if teaching is not known as a get-rich-quick job, it is one of the most thrilling and rewarding experiences you could ever engage in. If being a teacher is your dream job and you also take a liking to languages – English or foreign – but you don’t own a traditional degree, you might be happy to find out that there are countless exciting opportunities around the world for this profession. Here are some of the best countries for teaching languages if you have an online diploma.

5 best countries for teaching languages with your online degree

1. China

If you’re looking to travel and discover the wonders of the Orient, then China is your best bet. As the middle class is rapidly growing, so are the demands for language instruction – particularly English. That being said, native English speakers can easily earn a job in China without a traditional college degree and can benefit from housing allowances, medical insurance and free or reimbursed airfare. Certain schools require a Bachelor’s Degree, but are very flexible when it comes to online education. So you can pack your bags to join the most lucrative job market out there for language teachingand experience the unique, modern nightlife, exotic cuisine and first-class shopping offered by the country with the fastest developing economy on the planet.

2. Spain

With the increasing desire to look for employment outside of Spanish borders, there is a solid need for English or foreign languages emerging. Although it is not the cheapest country to live in, Spain is one of the most diverse and impressive locations in all of Europe. Its high-demand in terms of languages and its adaptability when it comes to online learning are both strong points you should consider if you’re looking for a workplace that doesn’t require a traditional degree. You have a broad variety of cities with esteemed schools – from Seville or Valencia to Barcelona and Madrid and many of them offer a monthly stipend to cover expenses and even pay for your holidays!

3. South Korea

With its blooming reputation as one of Asia’s most newfangled countries and the heart of high-tech design and modernity, South Korea really is the perfect place to be in when it comes to teaching languages. Some of the advantages this location has to offer include furnished housing, free airfare, an extra month’s salary after completing a one-year contract as well as the ability to be hired in advance from home or to save up to 1000 euros per month because of high salaries. We’ve all heard the saying “you don’t become a teacher for the money” before, but given the financial perks that South Korea has to offer, you just might!

4. Turkey

If you don’t want to travel as far as the Middle East or you’d like to uncover the charm ofEuropean countries first, then Turkey is an excellent choice. Istanbul is rife with language schools that have a high-demand for English speakers. While Russia and Ukraine are viable options for those who do not own any type of degree, in Turkey you will find schools that easily accept a four-year online certificate, which gives you the competitive edge you need to land a high-paying job.

5. Costa Rica

Although thislocation might not be the first that comes to mind when you’re consideringteaching, there is such a fruitful job market for languages in this country that jobs are virtually guaranteed for native English speakers with an undergraduate degree or a TEFL certificate. Aside from its appealing Latin roots and cultural diversity, Costa Rica is also one of the most accepting countries when it comes to online training and education.


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