Level Of Education In The Middle East

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Level Of Education In The Middle East

Ever since 1998, UNESCO statistics point out to the fact that the level of education has been constantly on the rise in the Arab World. However, as the level of difficulty progresses, the countries of the Middle East have a lower than the global average percentage of people that manage to actually graduate from high-schools and Universities. On the other hand, armed conflict and poverty are just some of the main reasons for which children do not manage to attend primary schools. The majority of roughly 7 million primary school-aged children are girls, showing that there is a persisting issue in gender discrimination as well.

Level Of Education In The Middle East

 In terms of adult education

 Although it manifests a steady rise, the enrollment rate of Middle Eastern citizens in higher education institution is close to 5% less than the global average, being surpassed by Latin America and East Asia. This reflects upon the fact that residents are falling behind in what appears to be an increasingly knowledge-based economy. Because of the high demand of expertise that jobs requirements specify, as well as meager educational standards, graduates of higher education in these regions are most often not qualified enough in order to get employed.

This creates further dissatisfaction, as a college degree from the Middle East must be complemented by other courses or personal development in order to meet the degree of competence that average jobs require.

 Benefits of the increasing level of education

 Child mortality has known a rapid and dramatic decrease as an immediate outcome of the rising level of education among adults, but primary school level is still rated as highly unsatisfactory by the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study, which points out that the majority of children have not acquired basic reading skills upon finishing primary school. In addition, close to 70% of the illiterate population are women in these countries, the severe disproportion indicating that women are significantly affected by actual educational strategies.

In order to bring the level of education to the global average, the educational system must be equally taken into consideration, even if it does not bring immediate profit and income as exporting goods does.

 Foreign investment is business oriented

 While there is a massive in-take of foreign currency and resources into the development of the petrol and gas industry, the Middle East also requires higher standards of education. An educated population is incomparably more valuable than exporting goods, as statistics shows there is an overall increase in living standards for those who manage to finish their undergraduate studies.

It is one of the most powerful instruments that can be employed in the battle against poverty and its benefits become exponential, as alumni become an integrating part of society and help its development not only from a technical point of view, but also from a social one. If mentalities and tolerance levels do not experience the same rate of growth as the technology and tools a society can use, then there’s no telling what the outcome may be.

Even if the Middle East doesn’t have the population density of Europe, India or Eastern Asia, this does not mean that the individuals in this region should be less favored in terms of educational opportunities. Investing towards the rise of the level of education in the Arab world is not only an intelligent financial course, but also a moral and a humane responsibility.


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